The Diamond Dogs Tour DVD

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Screen Shot: Hyper Lander 2 Classic

Now it's time!

Facing the Diamond Dogs album aniverssary, I think we, Bowie fans around the globe, must join and ask for a Diamond Dogs tour footage to be officially released. It is said that the show was one of the biggest in rock history and only a few americans were able to actually see it. Now, 30 years after, we all agree that David Live is a great album, we love the band and the arrangements and we all imagine, while listening to it, how the show looked and that's all we can get. I think we must make them (ISO, EMI, Bowie himself) feel our rage and desperation and get the the fucking show released.

Pablo Jubany, Rosario, Argentina, January 14th, 2004.


If you want this item to be released... VOTE!!!

I know this site looks terrible, but that's not the case. Clicking on the link above, you'll reach the Diamond Dogs Tour DVD petition, where you can vote to support this campaign. Once this DVD is released, EMI will surely build a better looking site.

New!!! thanks to fellow DB fan "Noggin" (?) we've changed the destination of the link above. Now we have a real petition going. Also you can sign his petition, which is as useful as ours, although less especific:

In the future, we're going to include more information and further explanations for the existence of this campaign. But don't expect much... you are the ones who must work for this to become a, well, reality...